Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow I'll be giving the finished anniversary socks to my husband since its our anniversary. I went to take a picture of the FO, but I keep running across nothing but dead batteries.

So, happy anniversary to my hubby! I love you very much and wouldn't trade you for anything else in the world (not even Johnny Depp or Mark Ruffalo).
Reasons why I love my hubby:

He puts forth great effort to see the positive, beautiful things in people

He's very generous with friends and strangers alike, not just in a material way, but with his time as well.

He's very laid back and counterbalances my neuroses.

He's gentle and loving, but can be aggressive and chivalristic when the moment calls for it.

He believes in me.

He loves my cats

He doesn't yell at me when I mess up.

He tolerates the ever exploding mounds of yarn that seem to multiply.

He give the most awesome foot rubs on the planet.

We like the same movies and he'll even go see chick flicks with me...... and like them!

We like the same books and will read to me or let me read to him.

We like a lot of the same music and when we first started dating he went out and got an Indigo Girls Cd so I would have music to listen to when I came over to his house.

He's creative

He proudly wears the socks I make him.

He doesn't erase my many episodes of Knitty Gritty.

He takes care of me when I'm sick.

He walks the same spiritual path that I do.

I think he's cute.

I think he's sexy.

I like his voice.

I like his kisses.

And there's a lot more, but I'm afraid it would be x-rated!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the road to wellville

Its been a rather wicked three weeks. After months of pretty much daily headaches that seemed to subside with the help of excedrin migraine, I got a doozy of a headache that lasted about 2 weeks. The first doctor I went to proclaimed it to be migraines and sent me home with migraine medication...............all of which made my headache worse. After several calls to the office to tell them that the headaches weren't getting any better, the best they could come up with was scheduling me with a neurologist in a week. So, I jumped ship so to speak and went to a different family care provider who was not too pleased that the first practice had given me an Imitrex in the office and then promptly sent me on my way in my own personal vehicle. My BP was elevated and it had been, but the first doc was trying to say that the bp was up because of the headache. Now mind you, I've never been diagnosed with migraines before. The second doctor gave me some blood pressure medication in the office and then kept me there for 45 minutes closely monitoring my BP. Its been a week now and I've had an appointment with a neurologist and and MRI this morning but it looks like I've joined the ranks of the hypertensive.
I did accomplish some knitting during my illness. One can get some interesting knitting done when on percocet and fioricet. I don't have any pictures to post at the moment of these works done under the influence. But I am back among the living............................finally.