Monday, April 21, 2008

Infusing positive energy on the earth

The following is a quote that my friend sent me on the effects of embracing peace and what effects it can have on our world. Perhaps if somehow this message can get to enough people then we can make positive changes in our world just by embracing peace.
Please read below and if you yourself are not able to find peace within and generate it out to our planet, but you know somebody that you think could, please pass this message along to them.

As I mentioned in The Divine Matrix, one of the most powerful examples of group feeling and belief affecting a broad geographic area was documented as a daring experiment during the war between Lebanon and Israel that began in 1982. It was during that time that researchers trained a group of people to "feel" peace in their bodies while believing that it was already present within them, rather than simply thinking about it in their minds or praying "for" it to occur. For this particular experiment, those involved used a form of meditation known as TM (Transcendental Meditation) to achieve that feeling.
At appointed times on specific days of the month, these people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East. During the window of time when they were feeling peace, terrorist activities ceased, the rate of crimes against people went down, the number of emergency room visits declined, and the incidence of traffic accidents dropped. When the participants' feelings changed, the statistics were reversed. This study confirmed the earlier findings: When a small percentage of population achieved peace within themselves, it was reflected in the world around them.
the experiments took into account the days of the week, holidays, and even lunar cycles: and the data was so consistent that the researchers were able to identify how many people are needed to share the experience of peace before its mirrored in their world. The number is the square root of one percent of the population. this formula produces figures that are smaller than we might expect. For example, in a city of one million people, the number is about 100. In a world of 6 billion, its just under 8,000. This calculation represents only the minimum needed to begin the process. The more people involved in feeling peace, the faster the effect is created. The study became known as the International Peace Project in the Middle East, and the results were eventually published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988."
This shows we can make a difference and peace does begin with me. 8,000 people feeling peace within themselves isn't that many! Isn't that exciting!

Friday, April 18, 2008

a few WIP

I've been a bit busy lately. We went camping last week and did a couple of small hikes. I lost my footing on the second hike, fell, skinned up my shin and have cellulitis so I've been hobbling about like Quasi Moto and taking antibiotics and trying to keep off my leg as much as possible. Fortunately I worked on Monday (my leg was swollen and red when I left Monday night) and have not had to work all week until tomorrow so its given my leg a little time to recuperate before I have to go abuse it some more.
I've had some issues going on with my estranged father. He's been hospitalized and I'm his next of kin and the only living relative they could find so now I'm being bombarded by the hospital several times a day with questions and requests for consent and I haven't even talked to the man in several years. Its been a rather stressful ordeal.
I did start the log cabin sock from Holiday Handknits while we were camping and have a picture of it. I'm not sure who it should go to yet. I also contacted with a pattern I designed for the Harlot show and the lady there wanted me to make another hat using lighter colors so you could see the stitches better. So, I went and got some completely different yarn than the original since the original yarn didn't come in any lighter shades and I'm not happy with the beige "fluffy" yarn I used. I guess I'll go today and see if I can come up with some other yarn that works better and see what I get.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I've been tagged by for the latest blog meme:

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My philosophy?

give hugs often, pay it forward

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

parisian tote

I finished up my parisian tote today. I had the knitting done and had sewn the lining. I just had to sew the handles on and sew in the lining. I'm hoping to take it with me to the Harlot on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

little cable hat

Last night I whipped up another chemo hat for the Harlot appearance. I just didn't feel right unless I had a knit one to present. Its the Type A in me. This ditty is of my own brainstorm (with the inspiration of the little cable fabric from 365 knitting stitches calender). I modified it to be done in the round.
So, if anybody needs a quickie pattern and feels game, here's the pattern:

Little cable fabric chemo cap

1 skein Bernat softee chunky beige

1 skein Bernat softee chunky cream

Size 8 circular needle 16 inch

Size 10 circular needle 16 inch

little cable pattern: (this has been modified from the 365 knitting stitches a year calendar)

rows 1 : *slip1,k3; repeat from* to end
rows 2 :* slip 1, k3; repeat from* to end
rows 3 :* cable 3 left, k1; repeat from* to end row 11: *k1, C3L, k1; repeat from * to end
rows 4 &12: knit
rows 5 : slip 1, k3, *sl1, k3; repeat from * to end
rows 6 :* slip 1, k3; repeat from* to end
rows 7 &15: slip 1, k1, *C3R, k1; repeat to last 2 stitches, C3R (this will involve using the 1stitch of the next round. Do not move placement of stitch marker. Start row 8 and 16 with 2nd stitch of round)
rows 8&16: knit

row 9 & 10: k2, *sl 1, k3*; repeat from * to last stitch, sl 1

row 11: *k2, C#L, k1; repeat from * around (include 1st stitch of next round in C3L)

row 13 & 14: k2, *slip 1, k3: repeat from * to last 2 stitches, sl1, k1

cable 3 left: place next stitch on cable needle and hold to front, k2, k stitch from cable needle
cable 3 right: place next 2 stitches on cable needle and hold to back, knit next stitch, knit 2 stitches from cable needle


cast on with beige color and size 8 needle 72 stitches. Join.
work k3, p3 in rounds for 2 inches in bernat softee chunky in beige. Knit one row then
change to bernat chunky softee in cream and knit one row
Change to size 10 needles and Follow little cable pattern for 16 rows . Knit one row around
change to bernat softee chunky in beige with size 8 needle and k3, p3 in the round for 2 rows
next row: k2tog, k1, p3; repeat to end of round
next row: k2, p3; repeat to end of round
next row: k2, p2tog, p1; repeat to end of round
next row: k2, p2
next row: k2tog, p2; repeat to end of round
next row: k1, p2
next row: k1, p2tog; repeat to end of round
next row: k1, p1
next row: k2 tog; repeat to end of round
take long tail and run through remaining stitches twice. Pull tight and weave in ends.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

chemo cap for Harlot appearance at Knitch

Just a quick blog before I have to run off to work and do the schedule.
I saw on the Knitch Knitters group on Ravelry that chemo caps were being requested for this trip of the Harlot, so I did a little pattern searching and grabbed some Bernat Softee Chunky and some other bernat yarn I had lying around and crocheted up this chemo cap yesterday evening. I improvised some since I've never been known to stick 100% to a pattern. If I had it to do over again, I would crochet it in the round to avoid the seaming (I'm not the greatest crochet seamer). I got the pattern off of . There are lots of knit and crochet patterns on there if anybody is looking for one. I may try to squeeze in another hat before Sunday but I'm going to be pretty busy the next few days so we'll see. At least I'll have one done before The Harlot. I do feel like such an incredible cad, though, because until I did a little more Knitch research, I did not realize that one of their employees had passed away from cancer. I remember seeing her at Knitch and I remember how upbeat and nice she was. It amazes me that she had such a positive energy coming from her when she was in the last couple months of her life.