Monday, October 27, 2008

I am the eggman

I just felt like saying that since that song has been running through my head nonstop for about 3 days.
The F.O. is a sweater for a friend at work that's having a baby. Its from the Nashua handknits book and done in Rowan summer tweed. It makes a very pretty sweater and is soft to the touch, but the yarn is just a bitch to work with. I have some leftover that I may make a matching hat with, but after and rowan summer tweed are breaking up. I got a lot of smart-ass comments at work when I took it in to show it off. People were saying, "My 4 year old could wear that." I purposefully did not make a wee baby sweater. Babies wear them like twice and then they outgrow them. Also, everybody gives you all this cutesie stuff for your newborn but then when they got older, nobody gives you cute shit. So, I figured I would make this sweater so that her little girl could wear it when she got a little older. I did, however, also knit some socks and booties in Lorna's laces to fit a newborn, lest I be accused of not meeting her newborn needs. Geesh.
Also featured are some pictures of my boys' room that we just finished laying bamboo flooring in. My husband has been driving me bonker-shit about furniture arrangement and I am not in agreement with the layout of the room, but it seems that I've been vetoed. Also, the man has a thing about wire shelving. My stepdaughter has some wire shelving in her room with big plastic bins on them in leu of a proper dresser. So, please note that the wire shelves that my husband is using as a "room divider" in the picture are not of my design ideas. I watch way too much Clean House, Dress My Nest, etc. to try to pull that one off legitimately.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fallout day

The above is the url for a contest that Brittany from Knitwitch is having. If I actually had a clue how to paste the little picture and make a link, I would. But I'm stupid that way.

I had a really really really bad day at work yesterday. To make a very long story short the straw that broke the camel's back for me happened at about shift change and I ended up literally crying my contacts out. I was boohooing and when I settled down I realized that I couldn't see. So, Steven, bless his heart, had to bring me my glasses all the way from Peacthree City to Rockdale so I could see to drive home since I'm legally blind without corrective vision.
What a day. Damn.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puss and boots

I've actually cranked out some knitting lately. I suppose I should have been working on some more painting of the boys' room but having all three kids by myself is worse than herding cats. Today I was trying to round up the children to go see a movie. I told them that once they were ready they needed to go get in the van. They couldn't understand why they had to go sit in the van once they were ready. I was thinking to myself, "If they were kittens I could just find one, put it in a big box and then go find another kitten and put it in the box and so forth and so on until I had all my kittens." *sigh*
Anyway, the picture is of the moc-a-soc pattern found on Ravelry and my own little hat pattern that I made for a pregnant co-worker. Its done in Patons Grace and some lightweight fuzzy yarn from Hobby Lobby that makes things sooo soft when you knit it with another yarn.
Also pictured is my cat TingTing with the booties. What she was doing with a copy of The Hobbit and some cotton balls, I have no idea and I'm just too afraid to ask.

Friday, October 10, 2008

before and after

Ok, the after shots came before the "before". Posted are pictures of my stepdaughter's newly redecorated room. She got some new paint, new bed, new bedspread and new flooring. Actually, the bed was my old bed back from when I was a single girl. My darling hubby installed the flooring all by his not-so-little self. Its bamboo so its eco-friendly and you know that makes me happy. We got rid of a crap-load of things that were in the pit of hell formerly known as her room. Neecy Nash would have had a field day but I don't think we did too bad ourselves. Mostly, my hubby and I took everything out of her room and put it in bins, no matter what it was. After we got her room done, she had a week to put the things up that she wanted to keep... after that the rest was going in the trash or for a yard sale (we have yet to have the yard sale since we have yet to have a weekend that we are all home at one time). I have to admit that I've succumbed to making her bed and doing some picking up. I just can't live with the thought of it looking like it did before so for now I guess I'll be the one keeping up after it. Apparently my mother-in-law never trained my husband in making one's bed upon rising so I guess she's just following suit. We stripped the carpet up in the boys' room and I painted the baseboards the other day. Maybe I'll get it painted in between soccer games this weekend. We'll see.