Friday, October 10, 2008

before and after

Ok, the after shots came before the "before". Posted are pictures of my stepdaughter's newly redecorated room. She got some new paint, new bed, new bedspread and new flooring. Actually, the bed was my old bed back from when I was a single girl. My darling hubby installed the flooring all by his not-so-little self. Its bamboo so its eco-friendly and you know that makes me happy. We got rid of a crap-load of things that were in the pit of hell formerly known as her room. Neecy Nash would have had a field day but I don't think we did too bad ourselves. Mostly, my hubby and I took everything out of her room and put it in bins, no matter what it was. After we got her room done, she had a week to put the things up that she wanted to keep... after that the rest was going in the trash or for a yard sale (we have yet to have the yard sale since we have yet to have a weekend that we are all home at one time). I have to admit that I've succumbed to making her bed and doing some picking up. I just can't live with the thought of it looking like it did before so for now I guess I'll be the one keeping up after it. Apparently my mother-in-law never trained my husband in making one's bed upon rising so I guess she's just following suit. We stripped the carpet up in the boys' room and I painted the baseboards the other day. Maybe I'll get it painted in between soccer games this weekend. We'll see.

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Calicoknits said...

What a great looking room. Hope she likes it enough to maintain it. Those before shots - Dios Mio.