Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puss and boots

I've actually cranked out some knitting lately. I suppose I should have been working on some more painting of the boys' room but having all three kids by myself is worse than herding cats. Today I was trying to round up the children to go see a movie. I told them that once they were ready they needed to go get in the van. They couldn't understand why they had to go sit in the van once they were ready. I was thinking to myself, "If they were kittens I could just find one, put it in a big box and then go find another kitten and put it in the box and so forth and so on until I had all my kittens." *sigh*
Anyway, the picture is of the moc-a-soc pattern found on Ravelry and my own little hat pattern that I made for a pregnant co-worker. Its done in Patons Grace and some lightweight fuzzy yarn from Hobby Lobby that makes things sooo soft when you knit it with another yarn.
Also pictured is my cat TingTing with the booties. What she was doing with a copy of The Hobbit and some cotton balls, I have no idea and I'm just too afraid to ask.

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La Duchesse said...

Maybe she wants to learn to spin cotton while reading The Hobbit?

The hat and booties are adorable. :)