Monday, October 27, 2008

I am the eggman

I just felt like saying that since that song has been running through my head nonstop for about 3 days.
The F.O. is a sweater for a friend at work that's having a baby. Its from the Nashua handknits book and done in Rowan summer tweed. It makes a very pretty sweater and is soft to the touch, but the yarn is just a bitch to work with. I have some leftover that I may make a matching hat with, but after and rowan summer tweed are breaking up. I got a lot of smart-ass comments at work when I took it in to show it off. People were saying, "My 4 year old could wear that." I purposefully did not make a wee baby sweater. Babies wear them like twice and then they outgrow them. Also, everybody gives you all this cutesie stuff for your newborn but then when they got older, nobody gives you cute shit. So, I figured I would make this sweater so that her little girl could wear it when she got a little older. I did, however, also knit some socks and booties in Lorna's laces to fit a newborn, lest I be accused of not meeting her newborn needs. Geesh.
Also featured are some pictures of my boys' room that we just finished laying bamboo flooring in. My husband has been driving me bonker-shit about furniture arrangement and I am not in agreement with the layout of the room, but it seems that I've been vetoed. Also, the man has a thing about wire shelving. My stepdaughter has some wire shelving in her room with big plastic bins on them in leu of a proper dresser. So, please note that the wire shelves that my husband is using as a "room divider" in the picture are not of my design ideas. I watch way too much Clean House, Dress My Nest, etc. to try to pull that one off legitimately.


Calicoknits said...

I love the sweater. But now the stupid song is stuck in my head. Damn you.

Knit Witch said...

I love the sweater!! I do the same thing with baby stuff - make it a little big because I know people get ALL KINDS of newborn crap that they outgrow in like a month!