Sunday, July 6, 2008

and we were swinging

This is a picture of our new "swing" that Steven wanted for his upcoming birthday. Its one of those that glides more than it actually swings. About a year and a half ago we saw one in Helen and really liked it. We've had our eye out for one every since. He ran across this one on Craig's List.
Worked the 4th of July and it was busy, busy, busy. I heard the weekend was fairly stable but its supposed to be busy again this upcoming week.
I'm getting close the finish line on my williamsro sweater. Its seamed and I am doing the bottom trim to finish up the last of the knitting. Then I have to put on the buttons and weave in the loose ends. I'm waiting until I'm finished to post any pics of it.
I've been working on a sock pattern that I ran across on Ravelry that's from Interweave Knits. I think its called The Simply Lovely Lace sock.
I'm also attempting to do the Meida socks from 25 Favorite Socks in lorna's laces shepherd sock on size 1 needles. I may go insane. I know Ramone is proud for me knitting on such micro needles but she may be proud of me in psych ward by the time I get them finished.
On a last, but completely different note..... we went to see Hancock yesterday. It was awesome! Whatever you are doing right this minute....stop.... go get in your car and drive to the nearest movie theater and see the movie! Will Smith is awesome and he's a hottie to boot!

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Calicoknits said...

I AM proud of you. And your insanity is one of the things I like about you.