Friday, March 28, 2008

John the Baptist bear

I've been working on a teddy bear pattern from the book Toys to Knit. Overall, the pattern hasn't been too bad thus far, although there was some decreasing on the snout of the bear that I wouldn't do again and I would definately make the snout shorter. But anyway...... So, after I completed the head of the bear, I stuffed it, made him some eyes and a nose and knit him some ears. As I am working on the body of the bear, I've had this bear head sitting around on my nightstand and everytime I see this bodiless bear I can't help of Salome (is that who said it?) "Bring me the head of John the Baptist." I'm hoping that once the bear has a body and some limbs I'll find another name for him. First off, I certainly don't want to name him John because that is the name of my ex husband (it happens to be his birthday today. Perhaps I should be saying "bring me the head of John the baby daddy." Nah, not good karma. And speaking of karma, I'm not Baptist. So the bear definately needs another name once he's completed)
Hubby is safe and sound on the ground in Rwanda. Not that him being in Rwanda puts me at ease, but at least I know he's not in the air. My baby daddy is an air traffic controller and I just heard too many stores from him to place my comfort in all who are responsible for getting those big hunks of tin from one place to another. I, of course, am sad with him being away from home and halfway across the friggin earth. I am also sad because he commandeered my granny glasses that I use when I have trouble seeing knitting stitches and he also took the batteries I bought for my camera so I could take the picture of John the Baptist Bear in the first place. I asked him if I needed to check my underwear drawer as well. He said I might. Geez.
I just finished a two day fetal monitoring class at work. The class itself was enjoyable and I had a couple of my best peeps with me to endure the pain. The test was insane. Even harder than ACLS. I survived and can't complain too much since I only missed one, but that was by luck and the grace of God.
So, I'm off to do some intuitive painting. Its just me and the dog and the cats today so I thought I would actually do some painting today and save the knitting for tonight. I may possibly not even do any laundry today in my rebellious state of mind.

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