Thursday, March 20, 2008

ribble socks

I finished the pair of ribble socks I was working on from the book Socks, Socks, Socks. they were great fun and I didn't even mind doing the second sock. I used sheep number 3 that I got from purlsoho and it was enjoyable to work with as well.
Today is my "recovery" day after working yesterday where I got my ever lovin ass kicked. I had a patient of my own who had a lot going on in addition to being in charge. Needless to say I went from 0 to sleep in about 60 seconds once I hit the couch.
Today I'll do a bit of laundry and try to finish up my second advesary sock before I have to get the boys and turn into soccer mom.
Happy spring equinox everybody!!!!!!! I know that Sunday is a religious holiday for most out there, but today is a holiday for those of us who march to a different drum, or who consider themselves to be "eclectic" as my friend Zoie calls it.

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Calicoknits said...

I'm just weird. I 'm saving up so I can be eccentric one day.