Monday, August 4, 2008

close call

Right after I finished my Williamsro sweater, I started in on making a sweater of my own design (with the help of sweater wizard) for my hubby. I had bought the yarn a while back after much deliberation. I chose Lion Brand chunky in spice. My hubby looks very good in that spicy-orangy color. I waited until I finished the Williamsro until I got going on the hubby's sweater. I finished the back last week and started on the front while I still had my sweater-knitting mojo. I got about 19 rows done and realized that the shade of spice that I was using for the front did not match the back. Of course, my hubby couldn't tell the difference, but I could and I knew I couldn't live with the difference in the shades. I had two skeins in the darker spice colorway and the rest were what I knit the back with. I guess I didn't realize I had two shades when I was stockpiling the yarn into my basket.
So, today I loaded up myself, my crutches, and my stepdaughter as my minion into the car and we headed to Fayetteville to search for yarn that might possibly match the back of the sweater. there was absolutely no Lion Brand chunky at our local Michael's but we did manage to find 4 more skeins that would work between Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's. *whew*. I was like seriously stressing over that. Now I can sleep at night once again.
My horrible picture taking does not do the colorway or the pattern definition justice. We all know I can't take pictures worth crap.


Calicoknits said...

Dang girl - you're just a knitting fool. I know - you can't do much else right now. My particular insult is that my hip malady keeps me from sitting very long. Still working on Francie- toe#1. Must have x-rays tomorrow. Glad you found the yarn. Found some qiviut on Ebay - only $48/ounce. Mi Dios.

Knit Witch said...

Knitters, we are an obsessive bunch ain't we?

La Duchesse said...

That sounds pretty painful. I hope your knee (?) gets better!