Friday, August 22, 2008

My own Mr. Tumnus

I finished the 'my so called scarf'. Its been a project reserved for doctor's offices and short drives in the car so I didn't feel any pressing need to hurry up and get it finished. Its done in Lorna's laces bulky in Tuscany. As you can see, Steven is the recipient of the project. I think he has a certain "Mr Tumnus" about him with his scarf on. Personally, I think Mr. Tumnus aka James McAvoy is pretty hot. So, its a win/win situation. Steven gets a scarf and I get to fantasize about hot Narnia characters.
I'm still working on Steven's sweater and have a sweater for Nathan on needles. Not much to show on the latter so I'll wait until its got a bit more to it.


Calicoknits said...

She lives! And she knits! When is she going to work?

La Duchesse said...

Very cute!