Sunday, September 7, 2008

babies, babies, babies

Seems like everybody at work is having a baby. Geez. I've got some socks and a hat completed (cat bordhi sky socks and a cabled hat from a pattern on ravelry). I'm working on sock number two of another set and have one sock done on a third pair. In addition to all this, I've got the front and back of my hubby's anniversary sweater done and am waiting on him to get home so I can double check sleeve length. I've also got a sweater for my youngest son on needles right now and have the front of a toddler sweater that I'm designing finished.
Dang..... Just reading that made me tired.
On top of all that, we're redoing our upstairs flooring and repainting bedrooms. We're laying bamboo flooring because its pretty AND its eco friendly. So far, we've gotten my stepdaughter's bedroom repainted and my hubby had started on the floor before he had to go out of town. He'll be back late tonight and will resume flooring next weekend.
TingTing has become addicted to kitty treats and she will follow you around meowing like the friggin house is on fire or like one of the kids has fallen into a deep well somewhere until you give her some treats. The dog has decided that he also likes these treats (even though he has his own) and I had to purchase a dog-proof container for the kitty treats.
Posted are some pictures of TingTing and Zooey being snuggle kittens and TingTing getting her daily workout to work off those kitty treats!


Knit Witch said...

Ummm, yeah........have you SEEN where you work??? OF COURSE everyone at work is having babies - otherwise you wouldn't have a job to go to! Sheesh. Oh wait, you mean the other bad. Haha!

>^..^< jlw said...

i see the cat works out like i do!!! nice knitting going on there.

La Duchesse said...

"What's that, TingTing? Timmy's fallen down the well?!"


Calicoknits said...

If you don't talk to your cat about catnip who will?