Sunday, November 30, 2008

imagine me and you

This blog is a day late. I guess it balances the other one that was a day early. I wanted to post a true anniversary blog yesterday but my husband was running a virus scan that took all day. Apparently when I go to the ritzpix page I have to type everything in backwards thanks to some secret virus stuff. I had to write out everything and then type it in backwards. I really only use them because I can get a matte finish on them.
Enough said. I started, or shall I say restarted a sweater for my youngest child. I had started one for him but I had to pay far too much attention to the pattern for me to realisiticaly finish it in time for him to still wear it. So, I picked a different pattern that still requires a little focus but not not as much. Its from the Winter Vogue 2006/07. I've liked the sweater for years. Or maybe I've just like the hunky guy IN the sweater.
Ok, so, enough of hunky guys in sweaters that are not my husband. My fave picture is the one with us on the top of Mt. Tam and I have a red sweater and a hat on and I look like a 6th grader standing next to my husband. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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La Duchesse said...

Many congratulatory warm wishes. :)