Monday, April 12, 2010

a need of inspiration

I got put on call today (at my request) because of a flippin headache. I'm trying to get some things done around the house despite the fact that the headache refuses to leave. I've thought about planting my backside on the couch with some knitting in hand, but the baby sweater I am currently working on just isn't doing it for me. I originally started out with a Debbie Bliss ribbed yoke pattern and that sweater was just way too huge. So I tweaked the numbers and decided that instead of a stockinette stitch I would do a reinforced heel stitch to jazz it up a bit. Well, I got to the yoke part and just didn't like the way that the yoked rib was looking with the reinforced heel stitch so I frogged it. Then I decided to go with a cabled fabric look. I like the cabled fabric but not with the heel stitch. *sigh*. So I am currently thinking of frogging it and doing the whole thing in the cabled fabric but I just haven't brought myself to frog almost the entire front of the sweater yet. I've got some seaming to do on a sweater so I may do that instead. I hate when I'm not feeling the groove of a project!

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