Tuesday, June 19, 2007

all we are saying is give peace a chance

Back from vacation. It was nice to be away from work and from the daily grind, but after a week cooped up with the three kids in a pop up camper at Cape San Blas, I was ready to come back home. I did do some knitting while there (mostly on the drive down and back). I tried to work on my husband's second sock but since it requires a small amount of counting, I soon found out it was pointless to try to work on it. It seems whenever you are counting while knitting, that is when everybody wants to ask you stuff. I did work on my stepdaughter's tank dress and hope to take a picture of its progress thus far. I worked on a nashua baby sweater pattern (its just so dang cute that I want to make a version of it for myself), started on a demise baby gown... and that's pretty much it. I did a little reading (Friday Night Knit Club), and on the next to the last day I decided to put my artistic side to use and made some sand sculptures. The first thing that came to mind was the peace sign and then because I seem to have this painting obsession (check out my karmaandkismet cafe press site if you don't believe me) with dragonflies, I decided to make a sand dragonfly. I had a hard time getting the sand around it leveled out in the short amount of time I had. My oldest son is posing by it in the picture to get a feel for the dimensions of the piece. I got a lot of sand in my drawers during the making of it!!!
I had ordered a Debbie Bliss baby book used through Amazon and after 20 days its finally here....water soaked. The idiot postman left it out in the thunderstorm on the front porch. I haven't even gotten to take it in the tub and look at it and soak it my own self. It was supposed to be new but it sure doesn't look it. I'm waiting for it to dry out before I really take a good gander at it, but in the brief thumb-through it looked like it had some really cool pieces to it.
I also got the Charted Knits book from the library that has that stupid cabled peace symbol design in it. I swear the woman who wrote it is in cahoots with Ann Budd (who I think comes up with some really cool designs but writes them so they are damn near impossible to figure out. I turned one of her evil heels 15 times once before I gave up and turned the heel my own damn way). I cannot read her charted instructions and am having to use the written ones and kind of guess what she wants me to do with the three inner lines that make up the middle of the peace symbol. I am, however, determined to figure this out and will proudly post the swatch when I have bested this evil woman's design.

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