Friday, June 1, 2007

no wisdom here

I had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday. It was supposed to be no big deal, but it took the dentist 2 and a half hours to dig it out of my head. Needless to say, I'm not feeling real perky and the left side of my face looks akin to Eric Stoltz when he played that kid in the movie Mask. I have to go pick my kiddos up in a few hours from their last day of school, so right now the heavy duty drugs are out. I even called in sick today. I know, I'm such a slacker.
In my post extraction, drug-induced state of being yesterday, I finished my contribution to operation fuzzy toes. I didn't mind doing the sock. It had a nice little flow to it once you got into it. It was just enough patterning to keep you interested, but mindless enough that you didn't have to look at the pattern until you were ready to make a heel flap or do decreases. I do, however, get in this state of mind when I am nearing the end of a project. I no longer am really enjoying the project, but instead, feel a driveness to get the thing finished. I can work on something for like 2 years, but as I'm getting ready to join shoulders or decrease a toe, I go into a mode where I can work on nothing else until I get it completed.... including weaving in loose ends. Its done now and I even worked a mini toe-up sock to see if I could actually do it. The ankles are a bit puffy (kind of looks like a postpartum woman who had been on a lot of pitocin and who had PIH to boot!) and I feel like I did too many decreases before working the cuff, but it will give me some ideas for my next big sock project at hand. So, forgive me for any typos or incorrect grammar. The left side of my face is throbbing and my beloved TingTing is trying to take care of me in the best way a kitty knows how(which includes sticking her fluffy butt in my face as I am trying to type. Apparently it must be a time -honored ancient kitty tradition passed down from cat to cat to take care of one's human by constantly sticking the feline butt in the human face.)
Well, its back to the couch for me and my chipmunk cheek.......... (and most likely my overprotective kitty)

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