Wednesday, August 8, 2007

besting Barbara Walker part 2

My husband went out of town yesterday and he'll be gone until Friday. I've spent a good part of yesterday and today trying once again to get the best of Barbara Walker. Through much trial and error, stubborness, complete lunacy, and a few pina colada wine coolers, I've come up with a "cuff down" version of the peace symbol that I am bound and determined to incorporate into a sock. After ripping the damn thing out half a dozen times, I got to where I thought I had got the damn thing figured out. I even took some pictures of the finished cuff part that has the peace symbol on it to post, but as I was looking at the pictures of it I realized that I'm still not happy with it. Hell, I even typed up all my hard work thus far and saved it to my knitting designs file. The branches off of the center vertical line come off of it too low for my taste. I just don't have the strength to rip the thing out tonight and reconfigure it tonight. I'm ok with the basic overall pattern............ I think. I just want the diagonal lines to run a bit longer before they disappear into the circle. On paper, it should only take a minimal amount of tweaking to get it where I want it. the thing is I'm actually going to have to frog rows and rows of knitting in the round to get it back to where I want it to branch off.
I have these dreams of one day being a knit-wear designer, but I feel a bit humbled and disenchanted with the fact that it has taken me 2 stinkin days so far to work out this peace symbol (in the reverse from how Barbara Walker has it in her book) and I'm still not where I want to be with it.
I've had enough of "peace" tonight. I am most likely going to go work on a mandala window painting that I'm doing. If I pick up the needles again tonight it will most likely be to do some mindless knitting on a dog sweater I'm doing for our dog Nemo Xavier. I'm also posting a dog sweater that I finished on the way to Florida last month. I opted out of ribbing around the armholes (or legholes as it were) since somebody once told me that some dogs freak out having stuff like that around their legs so I opted for finished the hole with a crocheted crab stitch instead. The pattern is a variation on the dog sweater pattern on the Michael's site. Thus far its been my favorite dog sweater pattern. However, the dog sweater I'm working on now is knit int he round from the neck down (of course I had to alter the dimensions from the pattern since Nemo's chest size is bigger than the largest size they have listed and of course I had to make up my own intarsia pattern to put in it instead of the one that they have, but that just seems to be the way I'm wired..... can't leave well enough alone.)


>^..^< jlw said...

Melissa, you think if the circle was 1 stitch less wide itself and the side arms were longer. the circle over powers the peace symbol a little, however i am still in awe of the fact that you can design. me, i will probably always be a pattern follower! jerri

Knit Witch said...

Wow.....frogging sucks. Did you plot it out on graph paper before starting it?

I have an eternal WIP dog sweater too.........maybe it can be finished by January.