Thursday, August 23, 2007

selfish me

I started a sweater for myself. And its not actually one of my own bastardized creations. Aside from the way I set up the colors, its straight from a book that I bought at a yarn shop when I sent to Seattle from my birthday. I've been drooling over the pattern for months now and when I bought some of the Jaeger Roma for a completely different project, I fell in love with the yarn and knew it would be great for this sweater. I originally used 3 colors of the Roma and some Filatura Di Crosa I had impulse bought a while back, but I just wasn't warming up to the way it was looking. I was digging around my stash places looking for something completely different and ran across my Trendsetter's Pandora that I had also bought a while back to "play" with. I loved it, but wasn't sure what to use it in. And then the light went off in my head. I decided to put the Pandora with the Roma and the Venezia and see how it looked. And when I did, I knew I was home.
I loved putting the colors together and how they look together. It is soooo me. I may look like a hippopotamus with all these stripes when the sweater is done and finished, but I don't care. The combo of the colors makes me happy and the Roma is soooo soft. I'm about to embark on my second sleeve while I wait for my size 9 addis to come in from Jimmy Bean. I did decide to knit the back and the front all together until I get to the arm decreases, so in that regard I am bastardizing the original pattern.
I know its very out of character for me to knit something for myself when I am in the midst of 1900 other projects for other people, but sometimes you just have to take care of yourself.


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Love it!

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