Thursday, May 24, 2007

knitting for peace one sock at a time

My friend Amy and I have engaged in our own little project (operation fuzzy toes) for a dear friend of ours. You can check out the particulars at . I know that often times I'll see a sock pattern I really like and am anxious to try out. I may or may not enjoy knitting the sock and I may or may not make another sock to go with it (second sock syndrome). Even if I didn't get a big thrill out of knitting the sock, I usually do try to make myself knit the second sock and find the pair a happy home. I had an idea for this type of scenerio which would benefit at least three people. Pair up two people (friends, strangers....) who want to knit the same sock. Have them check their gauge and then each of them knit the sock. The completed pair could then go to a lucky recipient such as one of the soldiers, orphans in Russia, old people in nursing homes, the list goes on. You then have two knitters making a sock of interest without having to worry about if they are actually going to complete a second sock to go with it and you have somebody who could really use the love and positive energy that is infused in making a pair of socks wearing a pair of hand knit socks. You could also get two knitters who don't know each other working together to infuse a little positive energy into the world and a great way to make a new knitting friend! I told my friend Amy that I would try to come up with some charities that need socks and try to come up with a way to hook up sock knitters with patterns and a parter-in-yarn and see if we can spread a little love into the world. If anybody has any ideas on how to get this off the ground, let me know!!

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