Tuesday, May 15, 2007

more busy blog

This is a picture of a preemie baby burial gown that I designed. Often times, women come in not even expecting to deliver, let alone have a baby that doesn't make it. We do have a few gowns that were donated to us, but they are usually made from thin cotton and look more like little white cotton baggies than an actual gown. I knit this one to fit a baby that would be about 28 weeks. I was recently told by my coworker that handles all the demise paperwork and pictures that she had used it recently. I wrote the pattern down in my worn "designs by melissa" notebook. I have to tidy it up and translate my own chicken scratch. Once I do, I'll make it available for anybody who wants to knit one.


>^..^< jlw said...

Melissa, the gown is beautiful!! if you do write out the pattern, i would love to have it. angela sent me your blog address. welcome to blogging!

>^..^< jlw said...

oh, i forgot to ask, can i put you as a place on my blog??? jerri

theyarnwhisperer said...

Of course you can put me as a place on your blog. I hope to update all my designs in process on my computer this week. I try to get in and update them as I work on projects or make changes. The preemie gown was designed before I started putting things in the computer. Silly me. I made it out of lion brand cool wool because it was the only thing I had on hand when the creative process hit me at 4am.