Tuesday, May 15, 2007

life, the universe, and knitting

Perhaps "the yarn yeller" would have been more appropriate, but despite the truthfulness of it, it just didn't flow and was completely lacking grace. As a quasi-hippie/new age/metaphysical kind of girl, I like to believe in the power of positive thinking. Therefore if I tell myself that I am the yarn whisperer, perhaps the day will come that as I glide my needles (Lantern Moons, of course. I may not be a yarn snob, but I have turned out to be a needle snob.) over and around my yarn, my intention for the yarn to become a beautiful finished product will flow into the yarn and the yarn will realize that I am the master and will submit to me. The yarn and I will become one and we will work together until a magnificent work of art has been created. Now, sometimes that does happen for brief moments in time. The reality of it, though, is that I mutter, yell at, and cuss at the yarn when it is being obstinate. When this occurs, my family thinks I am talking to them and I have to respond with, "No, I was talking to the yarn." So. Anyhow. Welcome to the new blog of the yarn whisperer wanna be from Peachtree City. I hope that I may be able to impart something useful from time to time and if not, I hope I can at least be entertaining.


The Finer Skeins in Life said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Duch. It looks great!

theyarnwhisperer said...

ya know, there's some other girl who is also the yarn whisperer and I came close to chunking the idea and becoming "the duchess of knit". lol.