Friday, May 25, 2007

knitting some positive energy into the universe.

I really do believe in random acts of kindness and sending positive energy out into the universe. We can all be an angel to somebody by using our talents and our passion to do things for others. I do knit and crochet things for the people I know and love, but there's also something really great about making something for somebody you don't know and that you most likely will never meet. A few years ago I contributed some socks for the Bosnian orphans through the website. There was something neat about knowing that somewhere across the globe some child was wearing those socks. I found a charitable organization that I thought was cool and I'm putting the web address here for anybody who wants to check it out. Its an organization where some Buddhist monks distribute donated items to the people of Mongolia. Check it out.

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Kel said...

Hey girl, just found your & Bit's blogs. Good on you.