Friday, September 21, 2007

a blog before bed

Amy and I had a great time seeing The Yarn Harlot Wednesday night. We did, however, decided we were too tired to do The Varsity afterwards and pretty much came straight on home.
I took my boys to Knitch yesterday. Thus far, their yarn exposure has been limited to Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby. When I took them upstairs to see the cascade 220 and the malabrigo they were in culture shock. Both of my boys crochet and I am trying to convert them into knitters. They were also bummed that they didn't get to see Steph on Wednesday night. When I told them I was going to see a person who writes knitting humor, my youngest son said, "you mean like At Knits End for people who knit too much?" I was pretty stunned that my 9 year old had been paying that much attention to my knitting books lying around!
The field trip to Knitch provided a skein of malabrigo for each of them and my oldest son has gone felting mad. When he takes off to the bathroom (the kid scrubs the wool in the sink and then throws it in the dryer. don't knock it............ it works!) he calls it "The Felting Factory" and has let me know that he is there for all my felting needs. Perhaps there is a bit of entrepreneur in him there somewhere.
I've been working on some sock patterns lately and after knitting one whole sock in artyarns chocolate/orange for my oldest son, I came to find out that it barely fits him. So, I just cannot live with that and intend to frog the whole damn thing and am going to be brave and delve into some patterns from Cat Bordhi's latest sock book for a "sock-over".
My two hour drive to Taccoa today (to drop them off with their Nana) gave me plenty of thinking time and I've got an idea for a shrug pattern running around in my head......... and now, thanks to the boys, I'm itching to do it in........................... Malabrigo!
My sweet husband has been kind enough to cut me out some sock blockers from some wood (Ramone was kind enough to trace her sock blockers for me) and now I am in the process of painting them.
Anyway, here are some pictures of my works in progress............. note that they are done in Knitch colors!


Calicoknits said...

I am SOOOO jealous that you went to see Steph without me. Glad you had a good time.

Knit Witch said...

Well where are the pics of your WIPs???

OK, I have to admit it. I'm a virgin......a felting virgin. Oh, you thought I meant the OTHER kind of virgin??? No way, not for a LONG, LONG time - haha!

I want some sock blockers toooooooooooo.........

Hey, write some patterns and let's sell those on my website too!