Monday, September 24, 2007

works in progress

I've taken some pictures of a few of my works in progress (there's more, but it was just too frightening of a concept to go around taking pictures of ALL of them. I realize some of them are not knitting, but that's just the way it goes.
the blue and gray sock is actually for me. I'm doing it in flaming wave pattern from the Favorite Socks book. The orange and brown sock is for my son Jonah. Its the "sock-over" I'm doing since the other one didn't fit him. One of my coworkers had big fun frogging the ill-fitting sock at work yesterday. Jonah's sock is a pattern from Cat Bordhi's new book. There is a small taupe panel of my own doing that I plan on incorporating in a baby sweater that I hope to then go on to make a big person sweater (but since it IS my own doing I figured I'd do a baby sweater prototype first). The shawl is for my mother in law for Christmas. Its done in Trendsetter sesamo and that picture does not do the fabulous colors justice. Perhaps Amy can take a picture of it when its finished. I've also taken a picture of the kitty bling I made for TingTing and there is a goddess necklace which my stepdaughter and I (mostly I since she got bored with the project after the first set of 17 tiny sliver beads) made for her mother's birthday. We found the goddess pendant at a rock show and also found a loose opal (her mom's birthstone) to put in the circle that the goddess is holding. I then got some matte opal swarovski crystals and strugn them with some itty bitty tiny silver beads. I just finished it this morning so it will most likely be going in the mail tomorrow.
So, now that I have blogged, I'm taking my plethora of sock projects and heading back to bed with my motrin and my heating pad. I may even eat chocolate!!!


Calicoknits said...

what yarn are you using for Jonah's sock. Being a Tennessee girl I love me some orange.

theyarnwhisperer said...

tis me beloved artyarns I am using for Jonah's socks. I'm using artyarns for my socks as well. I currently have this thing about artyarns. Its thick enough that I don't have to knit it on toothpicks and i like the feel of it and the way it holds its elasticity.

Knit Witch said...

Beautiful stuff!!!

Thank God for Motrin......seriously, how much bitchier would women be without it! That's why the men used to send all the women to those tent houses 5 days a month!!!

I need some sock yarn that does not need to be knit with toothpicks....... :(