Thursday, September 6, 2007

things to do in Atlanta when your depressed

For some reason, I started a new project with some yarn that I bought at Knitch to "play" with. I had only bought one skein and had to wait until the yarn spoke to me and told me what it was to be. So, the yarn spoke, and I cast on and did about 10 rows on a cast on of 95 when I realized that this was way too big. I know that frogging is in my future. Normally, I frog it with reckless abandon and knit until I get it at least as far as I did when I had to frog. Unfortunately though, its not been a stellar week for me as I have had issues with the father of my children (my ex, not my current wonderful hubby Steven) and I've just been a bit down in the dumps. I know I'm not supposed to give him my energy, blah, blah, blah, but sometimes we just have to realize we're going to have human emotions in this human experience of ours. So. Rather than frog the damn thing, I decided to do some beading. I needed the immediate gratification. I took a few pictures, but as I have said before, I am not the greatest at taking pictures. I'll post the pictures that turned out. They all have some swarovski crystals in them, although you can't tell it from the pictures. The necklace with the heart stone actually has pearl seed beads and brown and dark teal beads. In the pictures it keeps looking like red and turquoise beads.


Knit Witch said...

Those are great!!!! Nice work!

I tell ya, my son turns 18 in 2 months - it has been in my plan since forever that once my son reaches 18 that I would never speak to his father again. I'm SO looking forward to it!! I've worked Nathan up to be expecting my plan so he won't be shocked when I institute it. He actually had to call me a few weeks ago to apologize for his dad's behavior - what a jackass - at least my son has some sense!!

Hang in there sister - I feel your pain......just concentrate on your little ones.

PS - are you wondering how you EVER has sex with such a jackass?? I wondered that myself a lot about my own ex......WHAT were we thinking????? Thank goodness we both have WONDERFUL husbands now!! :) I still believe in karma ya know......

theyarnwhisperer said...

I wonder about the P.S. thing from time to time. Especially if I am within 20 feet of him and I just think "eeeeeeeeew". Which is pretty much exactly opposite of me and my current hubby. He's out of town.......again.....and when he called tonight I told him I was ready for him to come home and that he just needed to tell the people he was working with that his wife said it was time for him to come home now.
The upside to him being out of town is that after I get my "chores" done I can pretty much sit around and knit to my heart's content.
How do you have an 18 year old?! I'm like centuries older than you and my oldest kid is 11.