Wednesday, December 12, 2007

guarding the tree

This is my beloved Ting Ting guarding the Christmas tree. She takes her job very seriously, that is when she's not sprawled out on her back, laying on the futon in the meditation room. I guess that after a day of stressful tree-guarding, she needs to go do some zen meditation.
I finished one of a pair of socks for my youngest son (the cap modeler). It didn't fit. Bugger. I had bastardized a couple of patterns to come up with what it was that he was wanting and it didn't turn out. It was a highly discouraging experience. It made me feel like my 12 years of knitting experience is little more than random acts of knitting. I mean, c'mon, after knitting for this long you would think I knit a sock to fit a kid, but Nooooooooooooo. so, its back to the drawing board on the socks. In the meantime, I'm frantickly trying to finish up some "fetching" gloves for Christmas presents and trying to maintain a normal blood pressure while doing so.


Knit Witch said...

Yeah, my cat has an equally rough life. Lemme ask you this.....did you knit BOTH socks before you had him try them on to see if they fit?????????

La Duchesse said...

That's such a great picture! Kitty look like this is the high water mark of her holiday season business. :P That's one hardworkin' cat.