Wednesday, December 19, 2007

off 'til New Year's

I survived a 12 hour shift at work yesterday. A coworker came in a little early so that I could bust my tail and make it to my son's chorus concert in time. But now I am off until New Year's eve. Yaaaay! We're doing our family celebration on the 22nd (solstice) and then Steven and I are going out of town for some alone time, camping in NC. Nothing but reading, sleeping, knitting, and conjugal activities.
I made a trip down to Knitch the day before yesterday. I was going for some addi turbos and the new Noro sock yarn, but the manos del uruguay called to me as it was fluffily hung over the railing as you go upstairs. A particular colorway caught my eye (autumn) and before you know it I was asking Stephanie to wind two skeins for me. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with this yarn, mind you. I thought about some socks, but being that washing and caring for Steven's anniversary socks (done in malabrigo) are kind of a pain in the ass to deal with, albeit very beautiful, I don't know that I want to hand wash socks all the time. Nathan's (who just turned 10 yesterday.... happy birthday Nathan!) hat is done partly in manos and looks great, but I'm not personally a hat person (yes, this yarn is for me. Its my Christmas present to myself.... along with they barefoot yarn I ordered to make the gloves out the Interweave Knits holiday edition and the wick yarn I ordered to make myself some socks with.)
Today I get to wrap the rest of the Christmas presents. I need to sew a button on the caliometry (or however you spell it) that I decided to give my stepdaughter. I also need to do some cleaning, but I'm hoping to get some knitting in as well. I started over with a new pattern for Nathan's sock so maybe I'll work on that. I also have a sweater for Steven that's been hibernating while I finish all these other projects so if I feel real ambitious perhaps I'll dig it out as well.

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Knit Witch said...

Glad to hear you are off until NYE!! Camping sounds great.....Mr. Man and I were going to try and get away for a couple of days last week but it just didn't work out. We have still had plenty of fun and "conjugal activities" though!!! :)