Friday, December 21, 2007

twas the night before solstice

Twas the night before solstice..... or at least it is in our house. I finally got all the presents wrapped and they are under the tree to tantalize the youngsters. Instead of making them from "santa" or "mom" or "dad" I made them from "harry potter", "lucy pevensie", "ashely tidsdale", etc. They each have one from Albus Dumbledore that contains a clue to where there present is hidden. (The presents were to big to wrap so I came up with a sort of treasure hunt.) When they find the next clue, they have to do a crossword type thing to find out where the present actually is. Between my Christmas songs and coming up with this, I need to seek professional help.
I took Nathan to Knitch yesterday to spend his birthday gift card. They were so nice to him and so helpful.... especially Nell. She even let him wind his own yarn... and mine! She was so patient with him with all his questions. He walked out of there with some new yarn and some dpns. I, on the other hand bought some blue sky alpaca and some Rowan calmer.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have some pictures for posting..... after our little family solstice/present celebration.

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Calicoknits said...

2 trips to KNitch & no phone call to Ramon - hurt I is