Monday, December 31, 2007

last day of the year

My phone rang this morning at 0445. It was work. The charge nurse said that we had too many people scheduled and nobody wanted to take call and did I want to? I practically screamed "Yes!". Hubby and I just got back from our week long alone camping trip last night I was glad to have the day off to settle in, unpack, and just hang out around the house. We went to Hot Springs, NC. Its about an hour north of Asheville. We hung out, made fires, watched movies, went hiking, took a couple of trips into Asheville (and you KNOW I checked out the two yarn stores they have there and scored me some yarn!) and had some conjugal activities. We picked up all our kids on the way home in addition to picking up my neice from my ex mother-in-law's house and taking her home as well. Nemo was glad to be home to play with his kitties and TingTing isn't even mad at me. I finished one of a pair of toe-up socks on circular needles that I did while we were camping. Surprisingly, I didn't do the mass of knitting I was expecting to, but I did finish a book (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) and am over halfway through The Subtle Knife that my kids got me for Christmas. So, I've got some pictures to post. Let's see, there's our camper, the picture of across the river to the Appalachian trail (which you could see from our campsite), Steven, Nemo, our little fire ring, my red dwarf toe up sock, TingTing when I woke her up, and Zoe the Princess of Graynosia looking very annoyed.
Happy New Year to everyone. Have a good time and be safe and don't let your dog drink your blueberry martini!


Knit Witch said...

OK - now I SEE where you went! You guys have a CAMPER!!!!! Lucky dogs.........when we go camping it's sleeping out on the ground - which you can't do for a darn week unless you are like 12.....that crap hurts after a while! So I'm jealous!!!

Looks beautiful though!! And such and handsome hubby too!!! :)

Knit Witch said... really need to learn how to turn your pictures around!! I'm coming to P'tree City to give you a lesson fellow RN!!!!

Calicoknits said...

Happy New year - glad you're home. Learn to turn the darn pictures please. You know - the longer you and Steven are together the more you look alike - Not that you're growing facial hair or anything but I'm just saying