Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what you spend at Knitch STAYS at Knitch

The boys and I took a jaunt down to Knitch today. We were going to go to Why Knot, but by the time we were able to leave it was going to be too long of a trip for that time of the day and the subsequent traffic that would ensue. Jonah and Nathan both got some Cascade 220 and some needles and I went for some more blue sky alpaca. I'm planning on using it in conjunction with some Sox Appeal that I scored in Asheville to make some socks for my father in law. I also got some melange to possibly do some socks for myself with. I spent more than I intended and I'm sure the folk at Knitch didn't mind, but I really gotta curtail my frequent trips to Knitch this month. They're beginning to recognize my boys!

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Calicoknits said...

Jim has learned not to question Visa bills from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri sends stuff so fast that I don't bother to go to Knitch very often. Mostly just to fondle and drool.