Sunday, January 20, 2008

storm watch 08

We had an encore of snow yesterday here in Georgia. The kids were jazzed. You would have thought somebody had let them mainline some sugar. It did, however, keep them off the computer for a while as they frolicked in the snow.
Steven is out of town............again. He's only gone until Tuesday this time. He was supposed to fly out yesterday, but they cancelled his flight (before the snow had even started) in anticipation of the snow. So, he drove to Florida for the show he's doing. While he's gone, I get supreme rule over the remote so that's kinda nice and one less "kid" to clean up after. I'll be glad when he's back, though. I like him home.
Anyway, here's some snow pictures. We have a couch that needs to go to the dump and the there was a plethora of snow accumulation on it so the kids decided that that is where the snowman should come from.

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Knit Witch said...

Haha!! FUN!!! I'm lovin' the outdoor couch!