Sunday, January 6, 2008


I surivved the weekend at work. It was a very challenging weekend since I had a nurse on Saturday and a nurse on Sunday that got thrown into doing something that they weren't real familiar with doing. What this meant was that in addition to being in charge and having my own patient, I was pretty much doing their job as well. I was dog-butt tired when I got home Saturday night and it took everything in me not to fall asleep in the bathtub when I got home. My tiredness was an incredible bummer since my hubby left to go out of town this morning and that meant no pre-travel nookie for me.
In addition to the chaotic work weekend, I let them give me a tetnus shot when I went on Thurday for my yearly grope and probe. It has obviously been quite a while since I've had one because this sucker hurts like bloody hell! There's a big knot on my arm this hurts and its red and feels hot to the touch. For some reason I thought that getting a tetnus was going to be somewhat in the ballpark of what its like to get a flu shot. You know, you're arm is a little sore the next day or two like you've been pumping some serious iron or doing some wicked push ups. This shot makes the flu shot look like being tickled by a feather duster (get your minds out of the gutter, Ramone and Brittany. The swelling is going down some now... finally and its not quite as painful, but the experience did warrant a good whining.
So, I've got a fun-filled week ahead. It kicks off with having my breast smashed and squeezed. As the PA reminded me, I'm of the age to have that done. I get to pick up a relative of my husband's that I've never met at the airport on Tuesday. This should be fun since neither of us have ever laid eyes on each other. Wednesday its back to work and then Thursday I get to have an ultrasound for some pain I have upon ovulation. My PA also made sure that she pointed out that I was perimenopausal now. Lovely. I'm feeling younger by the minute. Then, to top it all off, next week I get to have a bone density scan because, like the PA said, I'm of that age to have that done. Don't you know that all this is making me feel like young, hot goddess....... NOT!
Anyhow, that's my weekend.


Calicoknits said...

I thought we were blaming Timothy for the continued soreness in your arm. The sweet man can't help that he has hands like hams. I kinda like the whole feather duster scenario though. ( Yep mind is firmly entrenched in the gutter) My appointment for old lady goodness is next month - I get to add a PET scan to the fun too

Knit Witch said...

Dang - I WAS going to make some comment about being tickled with a feather too!! You know me too well!

NEVER be too tired for pre-travel just can't happen!

I got my tetanus at work a few weeks back too - they are also re-vaccinating all of us for pertussis so I actually got a Tdap in one arm and my flu vaccine in the other - oh yeah, that was fun.

Thank goodness I'm a few years behind you in the boobie squeezing department, though I have already had a lump removed so I have gotten to enjoy it before. I'm hoping by the time I hit 40 they will have some other pleasant, non-invasive method procured.