Monday, December 3, 2007

mad hatter

Finally, a post with pictures. I whipped this hat up and my youngest son, who turns 10 in a couple of weeks, claimed it for himself. I found the pattern on ravelry. The yarns used are manos del uruguay and lamb's pride worsted. The lamb's pride has a mock cable twist and the rest of the hat was done in a 2x2 rib.
Obviously, my picture skills do not rival Amy's ( but at least I have proof of an FO.
The hat actually worked up really quickly on some circular addi turbos.
Nathan is my only prodigy knitter kid. He's also a budding pianist! Classical music fills the house as he practices obsessively every moment he has a chance.
I've got a wrap that I'm working on in Trendsetter's sesamo for my mother-in-law for Christmas but I don't know if its going to get done in time or not. It has now reached the status of "bane of my existance" as some projects become as we try feverently to finish them and the never seem to get to the end.
Steven liked his anniversary socks and promptly put them on his feet.
I've been trying to do some online Christmas shopping this morning. We had virtually gotten NADA. I picked up a few small items the other day, but the major stuff has yet to be done.
Oh.... and in the holiday spirit of things, I've come up with a new random act of kindness...... random acts of bagging! Steven and I got groceries the other day and I was teasing him about his bagging skills (the checkout girl didn't have a bagger so he took it upon himself to bag our stuff). I told him he was so good at it that he should do it for the next person in line. He deferred the task to me, so in an effort to spread some positive energy into the universe, I bagged the man's groceries. I think the checkout lady and the man himself thought I was a little weird, but I think overall they appreciated the attempt at a good deed.

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Knit Witch said...

Isn't it funny how when you do random nice things for people they think you are WEIRD?!?!

Nice hat! I have yet to do any Christmas shopping either....I am dreading it. Wayne and I are thinking about going to some kind of feed the hungry event instead of getting all wrapped up in Christmas ridiculousness.......