Sunday, February 3, 2008

Best of both worlds

We celebrated my oldest son's birthday yesterday. His actual birthday is Friday the 8th, but for part of his birthday celebration he wanted to see the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3-d concert. So, we all went to see this young woman sing her pop songs while wearing 3-d glasses befitting of Roy Orbison or Andy Warhol. The movie wasn't quite as painful as I was anticipating. There was some documentary stuff in it as well so that helped add some interest. The girl can sing as well, and she's cute as a button. No wonder every little girl in America wants to be Hannah Montana. And no wonder there were four different acts singing Best Of Both Worlds and two different acts singing Starting All Over at my younger son's talent show on Friday.
Today is day 7 of my raw food fast. Its been ok today, but yesterday was rough. Perhaps because between a movie and dinner (in which I ate a bowl full of nothing but lettuce at O'Charley's for Jonah's birthday supper) and the driving around, I was getting a bit on the hungry side. I had had some bananas and strawberries with honey that morning, but then that was it until 6:30pm since we had to leave early to go get his cake, drive to the theater, etc, etc. Bananas and strawberries will only hold you so long.... even with honey on it. Instead of feeling close to God yesterday(since this raw food fast is a detoxifying/spiritual fast), I was feeling more like close to homicide. We all survived though, including me, and we came home and bunched up on the couch and watched Stardust.
Sending out some peaceful, loving, healing energy today to Brittany who lost one of her four legged family members yesterday.

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Knit Witch said...

Thanks so much for the good energy. It's getting better but we sure do miss that angel we have been blessed with for the past year and a