Monday, February 11, 2008

just another day

I'm off this afternoon to go do crafty things with Brittany and Mr. Man where I teach Brittany the art of making stitch markers without cussing too much and Mr. Man and I do some creative brainstorming over his button dilemma.
Yesterday Jonah and Nathan's bikes got stolen. They had ridden to a shopping strip mall here in PTC and decided to hide their bikes behind a store. I knew they were having some problems with the combo lock and had actually gone to Walmart while they were gone to get another combo chain lock. When they got ready to come home, their bikes were gone. The biggest issue there is that one of the bikes was a $350 bmx bike that was barely a year old. It caused a lot of hoopla at our house and I did not get much sleep last night and have been in a pretty shitty mood today as well. Hopefully the artsy stuff will get my mind off of things.
I cranked out a couple of baby hats over the weekend in my stress-induced state. Sometimes you need some quick immediate gratification projects to feel like you're getting somewhere in your life at a time when you can't see the finish line.
Also, Zoie delved into the artistic world and created a lovely present for me for my birthday complete with dragonflies, so I feel the need to showcase her work as well.

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Knit Witch said...

OMG.......I'm telling ya.....people just suck.

I love the dragonflies!!!!!!