Monday, February 18, 2008

gita marie

They cancelled the charge nurse meeting today at work. Yipppee! I wasn't looking forward to driving an hour for an hour long meeting, just to drive back home an hour. The stay at home in my jammies day let me get a pair of pants hemmed, do some knitting, and make these cute earrings. They don't look that cute in the pictures because, as everybody knows, I can't take pictures worth snot. The little charms are Gita marie and I hung three tiny beads off the bottoms of them.
Tomorrow holds for me a meeting with my shaman (I have one week to go on this raw food fast, although I think it may end up being continued for a bit), a trip to Strings and Strands to score some berroco suede and some trendsetter checkmate (and some addi turbos and some sox sticks). Then I'm going to most likely go play with Wayne and Brittany again since I am addicted to playing with clay. Also, I didn't have a chance to enter the paws contest that somebody was holding, but thought I would post my picture of Ting Ting's crossed paws while she was snoozing.

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theyarnwhisperer said... suck at pictures.

But you ROCK at glazing buttons!! Thanks for your help! We had fun!