Sunday, May 4, 2008

Melissa in real life

I've got Dan in Real Life on the tv in the background. Ok, so is anybody else a Steve Carrell fan? He is especially adorable in this film. I'd date him...... if I weren't married and all that jazz. I'd get into more explicit details but I believe my children do occasionally read my blog.
ANYWAY. My stepdaughter is off with the neighbors and my oldest son is at Disney with chorus and my youngest son left at 1630 with his father. So, its me, the dog, the cats, and parts of a disemboweled chipmunk on my back porch.
I finished the log cabin socks. I'm in the process of blocking sock number 2.
I'm also having a lovely, leisurely time knitting odessa from ravelry. The beads seem to want to sink and hide on the wrong side of my work, but the pattern is easy and I'm knitting it in Rowan Calmer which is lovely to work with and feels yummy on the hands as you're working it.
I'm attaching pictures (only of the knitting, NOT the disemboweled chipmunk on the back porch).


KSee said...

I too like Steve. Can't wait to see him in Get Smart. Love Little Miss Sunshine. Greg Kinear is another of my favs.
Love the heel of your log cabin sicks. Pretty purple. I'll have to check out Ravelry for some of these KAL. Love the image of the chipmunk. Just think that is pure love that you kitty leaves it brings it home to you.

Calicoknits said...

color me grateful for the lack of meeses pieces to look at. Lurved Dan in real life. One of the best movies I've seen lately. Can't wait for Prince Caspian next week.

Knit Witch said...

Wow - the socks look GREAT!!! I feel your pain, I just removed a disemboweled mole from my own presence.