Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What do you call a bear with no arms or legs?

Well, at my house you would still call him John the Baptist bear....even if he has a body now. His neck is a bit skinnier that I would like but I did follow the body instructions to the T. I am revising his arms. When I started knitting by the pattern it looked like the poor bear was going to have massive edema in his arms. So I revised it and his arms are looking better.
I'm trying to finish up my odessa hat. The manager of the medical floor has found a recipient for the cap to go to.
I've started on the Brigid socks with some bernat alpaca and am swatching for the dragon skin baby wrap. I'm planning on making the big person version (Wyvern wrap) but figured I should conquer it in miniature first. The little people version will be done in Rowan calmer and the big person version will be done in Patons Katrian (which is now discontinued).
Had to work mother's day. It really wasn't bad for having to work on mother's day.
Steven is out of town.... again. He was diagnosed with diabetes on Friday and he left out of town on Sunday so we've been trying to modify his diet with him on the road which isn't easy, especially with Steven being of the mindset that he'd pretty much eat anything that didn't try to eat him first.

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Knit Witch said...

Hmmmmm......I just got my BW back and I had a FASTING glucose of 103.......that ain't happy. I was looking for a fasting of more like 63!

Oh and did I mention that my mom and dad both have diabetes?!?! Just crap...........