Monday, May 5, 2008

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I've had a small reprieve from knitting today (ok, not actually. I did work on a doll that my son is knitting but I've done nothing of my own projects). A friend of mine gave me some pictures and asked me to combine the pictures together to come up with a drawing that she's going to use for a tattoo. She keeps telling me that I need to be a tattoo artist. I told her that is quite a deviation from my desire to be a knit store owner, designer, or alpaca farmer.
Anyway, this is is the artwork I came up with. I told her I guess I could put tattoos on the alpacas but I'm thinking they would definately spit if you tried to tattoo them.
I've got some of my other artwork that I've done on my myspace page (www.karmaandkismet/ and of course some of my artwork is on t-shirts and stuff at my cafepress site if anybody cares to see what things come out of my warped little brain.


>^..^< jlw said...

looks great melissa!!

La Duchesse said...

Nifty beyond words! You're so talented. :) If I were ever to get a second tattoo, I'd definitely consider pestering you to design it.

Calicoknits said...

That looks like Zoe. She should immediately have that emblazoned on her person. I've heard that some people are tattooing their critters as an alternative to branding. You should start a business designing these tattoos.

Knit Witch said...

Looks great! If you tried to tattoo me I would probably spit on you too.