Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just finished watching Lars and the Real Girl. Its one of the slightly weird films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Everything is Illuminated, but I have a thing for weird films like that. I thought it was excellent so if anybody is out there who likes movies that are kinda "off" I highly recommend it.
On a more mainstream kind of note. I will be seeing Narnia this weekend. That goes without saying. My children and I have this kind of a sacred oath that we see all Harry Potter and all Narnia movies on opening day. So, I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to the Sex In the City movie. I was a die-hard fan. I cried at the last episode. I watch reruns whenever I can. There's just one thing, though....... Is there anybody else out there that thinks that Carrie was a complete and total bonehead to let Aidan go? I still haven't gotten over them breaking up and that's been how many years now? Every time I see John Corbett in a movie, I think, "What the hell was she thinking to ever let him go?" I personally think they should have ended the series with her being a strong single independent woman. Big strung her along far too long. I also don't think they should have ended the series with Samantha riding Smith and having an operatic orgasm. That's just me, though. Hopefully the movie will warm the cockles of my heart and give me fond memories and not leave me bitter and disgruntled.
Enough said for now.


Calicoknits said...

we need to talk - call me

Knit Witch said...

Amen on the Aiden thing.