Thursday, January 31, 2008

Parisian tote and PJ's socks

Day four on the raw food fast, but who's counting?
Managed to get in a little bit of knitting today before I had to go pick up Nathan. I worked a little bit on Jonah's second thuja sock while I was waiting for Nathan to have his turn in the talent show practice for his school. He's playing the Minuet in G. He's remarkable considering he's only had formal lessons for 6 months. He's even got his own little style while he plays. I guess he's a real musician. He loved August Rush.
Anyway........ here's the finished thuja socks for my father in law done in blue skies alpaca and sox appeal and the start of my parisian tote by Susan Zanni.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

no pictures for old bloggers

I have no pictures today. Bad me. I have been busy, though, with trying to finish my father-in-law's socks and I had to dig into my parisian tote kit yesterday and start on it. I also did some laundry as well. Not bad for the day after working the weekend and it also being day one of a raw food fast. In my neck of the spirituality woods, we do a 30 day raw food fast every now and then, especially when we are struggling with something. Since I've been a bit stressed lately, my shaman recommended a raw food fast and to come up with a plan during that time on how to better utilize my energy to take care of myself as well as others. So, now I'm on day 2 with my caffeine-withdrawl headache. It usually starts getting better after about 3 days.
So, today its more of the same and then tomorrow its back to work. If I manage to make any reasonable progress on anything, I'll take some pictures.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

just another day

Went to Knitch yesterday after my appointment with my Shaman. Scored some blue sky alpaca for some socks requested by the hubby and took some pictures of Nell's sweater of the month. I got the kit earlier in the month and wanted some pics in case I needed to remind myself how something was supposed to go. You can't get the pattern/kit through the online site yet so if you're interested, you'll have to give them a call (like I did) or go down to the shop in person.
I wish I took better pictures. I'm working feverishly on finishing the second of a pair of thuja socks for a belated birthday present for my father in law. Its a strand of blue skies alpaca and a strand of sox appeal. It makes a nice combo together both in color and texture. The hubby is wanting a pair for him made of the same materials. He wanted a purple in the blue skies and a variegated with purple and blue in the sox appeal. The sox appeal is on back order, but that's ok. I need to work on a couple of other socks AND the sweater of the month while I'm waiting for the back order. In a moment of weakness, I also ordered a parisian tote kit from a place in NY. I seriously have a problem. I need some help.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

attempt to paste

I am attempting to paste the link for Brittany's contest. I'm really bad at this and as she and several other people know, I can't even get my pictures to post right-side-up. So, we'll see how this goes. I'm sitting here now with some raspberry cocoa with whipped cream. Yum. Gotta work tomorrow. Yuck.

storm watch 08

We had an encore of snow yesterday here in Georgia. The kids were jazzed. You would have thought somebody had let them mainline some sugar. It did, however, keep them off the computer for a while as they frolicked in the snow.
Steven is out of town............again. He's only gone until Tuesday this time. He was supposed to fly out yesterday, but they cancelled his flight (before the snow had even started) in anticipation of the snow. So, he drove to Florida for the show he's doing. While he's gone, I get supreme rule over the remote so that's kinda nice and one less "kid" to clean up after. I'll be glad when he's back, though. I like him home.
Anyway, here's some snow pictures. We have a couch that needs to go to the dump and the there was a plethora of snow accumulation on it so the kids decided that that is where the snowman should come from.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I came out of the movies with my hubby and guess what?! ITS SNOWING ON MY BIRTHDAY, ITS SNOWING ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: )

i'm not dead yet

Today I turn 41. The only two redeeming factors are that...... I'm not dead yet and that in 6 months my husband will turn 50 and I can once again go back to being his "much younger wife". My sweet hubby surprised me this morning with the sock wizard program already downloaded onto the computer for my birthday. He said I've turned into a sock guru and he thought the program would be a good one for me. I do have quite a collection of single socks around here right now. I'm trying to finish a pair for his father whose birthday was Sunday and then I intend to get back to finishing the other socks to end the single sock syndrome. So, here are some pictures of me as a young lad. There's one of me and my parents (notice me anxiously eyeing that cake. I still do that!). There's one of my just being my chubby-cheek baby self. There's one that confirms my long love of peanut butter (this is actually one of my favorite pictures of myself) and there's another picture that shows that my love of cats goes way way back.
I plan on having some brunch, going to see a movie, and then having supper with my family for my b-day. I have, of course, ordered a cake (chocolate with raspberry filling and ganache icing) for this evening and I intend to look at it and eat it with as much enthusiasm as I did when I was 4.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a happy belated birthday

This is a bit of a late tribute, but better late than never, I guess. I thought I would post some pictures of my youngest son Nathan, the budding knitter and obsessive Knitch customer in honor of his birthday. Ok, it was last month, the week before Christmas. I know, I'm a bit late as I said earlier. He has really taken to knitting with dpns and I am amazed at how quickly he caught on to it. I'm looking forward to posting a picture of his cashmere wristies when he gets them done. Oh, and the picture with both of my boys in it where they are wearing sweaters.... I knit both of those. In fact, the one that Nathan is wearing is the second sweater I ever knit. It had been his brother's before he ever wore it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I surivved the weekend at work. It was a very challenging weekend since I had a nurse on Saturday and a nurse on Sunday that got thrown into doing something that they weren't real familiar with doing. What this meant was that in addition to being in charge and having my own patient, I was pretty much doing their job as well. I was dog-butt tired when I got home Saturday night and it took everything in me not to fall asleep in the bathtub when I got home. My tiredness was an incredible bummer since my hubby left to go out of town this morning and that meant no pre-travel nookie for me.
In addition to the chaotic work weekend, I let them give me a tetnus shot when I went on Thurday for my yearly grope and probe. It has obviously been quite a while since I've had one because this sucker hurts like bloody hell! There's a big knot on my arm this hurts and its red and feels hot to the touch. For some reason I thought that getting a tetnus was going to be somewhat in the ballpark of what its like to get a flu shot. You know, you're arm is a little sore the next day or two like you've been pumping some serious iron or doing some wicked push ups. This shot makes the flu shot look like being tickled by a feather duster (get your minds out of the gutter, Ramone and Brittany. The swelling is going down some now... finally and its not quite as painful, but the experience did warrant a good whining.
So, I've got a fun-filled week ahead. It kicks off with having my breast smashed and squeezed. As the PA reminded me, I'm of the age to have that done. I get to pick up a relative of my husband's that I've never met at the airport on Tuesday. This should be fun since neither of us have ever laid eyes on each other. Wednesday its back to work and then Thursday I get to have an ultrasound for some pain I have upon ovulation. My PA also made sure that she pointed out that I was perimenopausal now. Lovely. I'm feeling younger by the minute. Then, to top it all off, next week I get to have a bone density scan because, like the PA said, I'm of that age to have that done. Don't you know that all this is making me feel like young, hot goddess....... NOT!
Anyhow, that's my weekend.

Friday, January 4, 2008

prodigal yarn crafters

Here's some pictures of some work by my two boys after our field trip to Knitch the other day. Nathan is working on the artyarn cashmere wristies pattern. He saw a sample of one at Knitch and we picked up some Rialto to do the gloves with intead of getting the cashmere5. Jonah picked out some cascade220 to crochet some socks in. He's got one down and has started on the second sock. The orange-ish color sock is one I knit for Jonah done in blue skies alpaca. I haven't started the second one yet since I need to get boogy-ing on some socks for my father-in-law's birthday in a couple of weeks. One of the pictures is of Jonah sporting one of each of the socks. He actually wore the combination to The Atlanta Bread company this morning. Fortunately, his pants were long enough that you couldn't tell he was sporting two completely different socks.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what you spend at Knitch STAYS at Knitch

The boys and I took a jaunt down to Knitch today. We were going to go to Why Knot, but by the time we were able to leave it was going to be too long of a trip for that time of the day and the subsequent traffic that would ensue. Jonah and Nathan both got some Cascade 220 and some needles and I went for some more blue sky alpaca. I'm planning on using it in conjunction with some Sox Appeal that I scored in Asheville to make some socks for my father in law. I also got some melange to possibly do some socks for myself with. I spent more than I intended and I'm sure the folk at Knitch didn't mind, but I really gotta curtail my frequent trips to Knitch this month. They're beginning to recognize my boys!