Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Steven!!!!!!!

today is my sweet hubby's birthday. He turns 49 today. Happy birthday, honey! I told my husband last night that I was ready for him to turn 50 so I can go back to being the much younger woman. When I turned 40 in January, it made us a couple that are both in their 40s. I like being the much younger woman instead. It helps counterbalance the puffiness under my eyes and complete lack of metabolism that leads to my rapidly expanding backside.
I ventured out into Orlando proper yesterday and went to a yarn store. I managed to procure some yarn that was not on my list of things to get, but thats' the danger in actually going to a yarn store. I did get my sock yarn I was after, but ended up with some circular needles instead of dpns and have some new yarn, Loopy by Prism, to knit another purse with. I've been working on a purse (in between other projects) since January. I need to put on the closure strap and do some bead embellisment, but its more or less finished as far as being usable. I took it with me and used it as my purse yesterday since I was also looking for some beads to go on it and figured it was just easier to use it as my purse rather than carry it along. I actually got several positive comments on it (despite the fact that its not actually finished yet). I guess the complements went to my head and led to the subsequent yarn purchase.
I've been trying to get done my hubby's hugs and kisses socks for him today. I don't know if they are going to get done or not. I did manage to finish a beaded dragonfly hangy thing for him for his brithday, though. If I had a camera I'd post a picture of it but, but I don't have a camera.
Ok, well I'm off to find this bakery in downtown Olrando where I ordered his birthday cake. Poor guy has to work all day. I hope when he gets home tonight he'll still feel like having his cake and possibly some other birthday "dessert" as well.

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