Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting in Orlando

So, I'm sitting here in sunny Orlando. My husband is off in a convention center doing a show for Microsoft. I'm hanging out watching some bad tv (hgtv is not on the approved channel list) and doing some knitting. I managed to finish a small dog sweater and a baby hat on the way down here. If I had my camera, I'd take a picture of them and post them. This morning I've been working on my husband's hugs and kisses socks. His birthday is in a few days and would like to see if I can get them done by then. I've also brought along the sweater I'm making for him and a few dozen other projects to work on. I think there was more knitting paraphanalia on the luggage cart for the bellboy to lug up than actual luggage. I've also brought some beading stuff as well and a book. I've not yet ventured out this morning but I'm beginning to get a bit hungry so I will soon have to put some clothes on and venture out among the muggles. I did manage to locate a knitting shop here in Orlando that looks like it might be worth the time and effort of going (it doesn't seem like its that far away, but we do have to take into consideration that I have no navigational skills.) Since I don't have access to posting any WIPs, I thought I would post this picture of nurses knitting. It would be so wicked cool if we could actually do that at work. The closest thing I get to do to knitting while at work is teaching the antepartum patients on bedrest how to knit. I guess its a pathetic way to get a "knit fix" but at least its keeping those poor, cooped-up women from losing their minds laying in bed day after day.


The Finer Skeins in Life said...

Hi duch! Hope all is sunny in your life right now. It should be, with glorious spans of
uninterrupted knitting going on. Boy, am I jealous! I love the picture of the nurses knitting. I used to have that one in my knitting picture file, but somehow managed to delete the WHOLE file. It's a good thing Flickr is around, or I'd have lost pictures of my FOs (or at least the ones I took pictures of). Take care of yourself and have a rip-roarin' time! Bit

>^..^< jlw said...

I love the pic of the nurses knitting! Where did you get it? I tried a search on google images, but wasn't able to find it there. Have fun in FL. I bet it is warmer there than here!!