Saturday, July 21, 2007

late night endeavors

I trekked out last night and got my copy of the last Harry Potter book. I was tired when I left the hotel and my plan was to get the book, come back to the hotel, and go to sleep. I would then start my reading journey when I awakened. Well, I guess I got a smidge caught up in the excitement of it all and once I returned to my room, I donned my "miner's headlantern" and started to read. I have no idea where my booklight is and I had found the headlantern in the car leftover from when we went kayaking on the 4th of July. I read until about 3am and finally nodded off. My husband awoke at 6am to go to do his microsoft show and I got up and about shortly thereafter since the housekeepers here have a fixation on getting you up and out of your room so they can tidy up. I went down to the pool area after grabbing a caramel macchiato and a muffin and cozied myself into a chair to read. A small group of British people passed by and excitedly made a point of noticing my Harry Potter book. (I know they were British because 1. They had accents and 2. One of them asked me if the que was long to get the book). My old, sleep-deprived body read until I thought I was going to nod off at the table. I thought about going and laying down in one of the lounge chairs by the pool, but thought better of it since I do have a habit of snoring and didn't want to be pointed out and snickered at in the event I nodded off into a sound sleep and did indeed snore. I came back up to the room, seeking a short nap and the dang blasted housekeepers had not yet been here. Any other day they would have been barging into the room bright and early, but today when I pull myself from the bed and my comfy pillow and drag myself out of the room, they're poking along. I've checked my email and decided to post a new blog and I guess I'm headed back down to the pool area to seek a spot in the shade and perhpas get a cat nap in before I resume reading. All knitting has gone on hold right now until I finish the book.
For all those Potter fans out there who are starting their final journey with Harry, know that I am with you in spirit as we all read about our dear magical friend for the last time.

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