Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am not an animal

I have started a "real" glove, meaning one that actually has fingers to it and not the fingerless kind. I found a pattern online that is actually a fingerless pattern, but has the little individual stubby things for the fingers so I am doing my usual improvisation and finishing the fingers. I'm using artyarns. I think the colorway is called India. The pattern I am using has been really easy to use. Very direct and understandable and I highly recommend it for anybody interested in taking on some gloves for the first time. The cuff is a bit long so if I do it again, I'll leave off some cuff length. I know that the w.i.p. kind of looks like it would be more fitting for a deformed canine of some sort, but its actually coming together fairly easy. The thumb gussett was a breeze. For any interested party, this is the link.
I used #3 needles since I have very small hands, but used all the numbers that it lists except for length of cuff.