Monday, October 15, 2007

what to do with the malabrigo

I have finally comitted my malabrigo in sealing wax to an actual project. I decided to make some socks for my husband for our anniversary next month. Its a simple pattern that I found on and should knit up fairly quickly, unlike my socks I am knitting for my son out of the
Cat Bordhi book. Its not that the socks are hard, per se, its just a different line of sock knitting that is making me think outside my little sock knitting world. I'm sure I'll pick it up and deal with it at some point today. Today is my "transition day". I get one day off after working 12 hour shifts during the weekend before I have to go back again. I usually like to make this day my "do as little as possible day" (aside from knitting of course) although Knitch just seems to be calling to me. I have some dpns I have to take back and I'll most likely need another skein of malabrigo for the socks. (The dpn return has to do with an order that I placed back in June that just now came in and that I had completely forgotten about until the yarn fairy showed up at my door. I've long since found the needles elsewhere and I can use more yarn more than another set of 1.5dpns.


Calicoknits said...

I'd like to have a gander at the Cat Bordhi book if you don't mind bringing it to work tomorrow. I've been contemplating buying it.

theyarnwhisperer said...

its definately a different line of thinking fer sure.