Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday afternoon

I've finished one of my husband's anniversary socks (aside from weaving in the ends). I started on the other one last night. We (the kids and I, hubby is in D.C. right now) were watching Evan Almighty and I needed a knitting project that didn't require a lot of concentration. I had started on some fingerless gloves for my stepneice earlier in the day but I kept getting interrupted so I put them aside for a time when I'm alone.
Also, I've posted a picture of my son's mitten project that he has started. He's learning to do increases now. Isn't his progress great?! He said he wanted a gift card to Knitch for his birthday. At last a confirmation that he possesses some of my DNA!!!
The boys go back to their dad's this afternoon and if my stepdaughter gets her room cleaned up, she'll be going to a church thing with the neighbors then perhaps I will have some peace.

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Kim Nickels said...

I'd love to know more about your experience at my shop, Knitch. I take service very seriously and I'm always open to hearing about anything that isn't quite right. I work hard to fix things immediately do please let me know. And, Since blogs can be terribly damaging to small businesses, if anyone is readying this...we really DO care about great service at Knitch!
Happy Knitting! Kim