Tuesday, October 9, 2007

terrible tuesday

Or at least that's what we call it at work. For some reason, known only by cosmic forces, pregnant women feel compelled to give birth on Tuesdays. Add to this a mysterious force that causes ob/gyn's to schedule inductions and an inordinate amount of c-sections on Tuesdays. Further more, add on top of those two factors a nursing shortage and not enough nurses to take care of the droves of women who are attempting to bring forth life on Tuesdays. Thus........terrible Tuesdays. I, however, am not enjoying the challenges of terrible Tuesday today. Today I am working slowly, but dilligently on my glove, surfing Ravelry for more glove patterns, trying to learn how to knit a flat circle and design my own version of the circular shrug as is shown in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting, and doing some laundry. I keep playing with my one skein of Malabrigo that I bought last week, but have not yet committed it to a project. I'm thinking possible of a shrug (not the in-the-round shrug. I do have some designs on some Malabrigo for that but I was thinking of the brown and gold variegated with some other brown yarn I bought at Knitch and topping it off with this nifty off white eyelash yarn with flecks of gold in it that I bought from Hobby Lobby.) or maybe some more socks for the hubby guy. I made him some hugs and kisses socks out of some yummy bamboo yarn, but even though they look great, they're just not practical for wearing a lot. I'm waiting for the yarn fairy to come bring me a skein of specially ordered Malabrigo in an obscure dye lot to do some more gloves with. I know, I know, I seem to have a Malabrigo problem here. Perhaps Malabrigo would make a good name if I get another cat someday.
Oh. and I've also last night and today been surfing the net for a fan and feather sock pattern that is done from the cuff down and is cast on with something around the mid 50s range and not the 72ish range. If anybody can find such an animal, I would be grateful. My brain already hurts from trying to figure out the knitting a circle thing. I did figure it out after I bastardized it to my own liking. Everything I could find had you starting out knitting straight and then joining and working in the round. This results in having to work in a little flap like thing at the end to cover up the hole. Something about the flap thing wasn't working for me, so I f&*%$d with it until I got it to my satisfaction. I included a picture of the tortured sealing wax Malabrigo experiment.


Calicoknits said...

It was a not too terrible a Tuesday at work. Enough to keep me out of trouble but I faded midday from lack of Coke Zero so I begged a Dt.Mt Dew from Penelope. I am woking a feather & fan pattern on some toe-up socke ( 72 st) but was playing around with it ( AKA screwing it up) and worked it over fewer stitches and still got the nice ripply effect. It's been a froggy sort of week in my world.

Knit Witch said...

My solution to "round knitting" is to crochet it!

Have you seen the pomatomus pattern in the last knitty.com? I'm not really sure what you had in mind but it looks kind of "fanny" so to speak.