Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my favorite heel

This is a closeup of the heel of the anniversary socks for my husband. Its the slip 1, knit one then purl the next row then knit 1, slip 1 heel pattern. I was going to take a picture of the calorimetry I just finished (aside from weaving in the ends and placing the button) but the batteries appear to be dead in the camera. Oh well. I've been fooling with some yarn and some needles trying to get gauge to make fetching from knitty.com, but its just not happening. Dammit. I was trying to use a lavender patons grace with a moda dea held together. I even tried it on size 3 needles, but it was just looking way too big so I let it go for now. I've been having chronic headaches lately and after having to leave work early on Friday because of a headache that just wouldn't go away, I've finally gotten an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. I've never seen this doc before so I'm apprehensive about that, but she's the doc of my nurse manager and she seems to like her. I went to a doc last year for some other issues and did not care for him at all. Considering that I'm getting bitchier by the moment because my headache has not given me much of a repreive since last Wednesday I need to go see somebody about this.
So I am off to snuggle into bed with the anniversary socks and knit around and around and around in monotony. At least I won't have to do any knitting math that would further torture my head.


Calicoknits said...

nice sok - I like a reinforced heel too, I've told you for a long time to get your head examined. Hope you feel better.

>^..^< jlw said...

i hope your appointment goes well. as a migraine sufferer myself, i can empathasize. i left rh once early after having a headache for a week, it was awful.

Knit Witch said...

That's my favorite heel too!!

Yeah, like Calico said - Get your head examined!! I hope it went ok and you will be finding some relief. I know you are like me and many others in knowing there's a bunch of MD idiots out there - hope you found a good one!!